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So this blog seems to be thus far more about my dealing with the aftermath of a storm than about it’s intended purpose, but hopefully that should come to an end soon. In my last post I mentioned the difficulty in finding a construction company that could do the work I needed for under my quote price, and I honestly came pretty close to thinking that it would be an impossibility, and considering my options in case that turned out to be true. And as much as I wanted this to be a review about cell phones, I have to dedicate this entry to a review of the company I finally found to do my repairs.

After so many companies quoting me much higher, to the point of almost double my insurance companies quote, I figured that the work that needed to be done was really extensive, and therefore expensive. I was talking with a friend of mine about the issue, and they went on a long, yet positive rant about the company they used to get their own issues fixed. I had a hope that they could do the work I needed, but also a dread that it would wind up being the same quotes I had been receiving from other companies.

They gave me the link to the website of this company, and I proceeded to fill out this brief form about the damages I had, and the repairs I needed. They wound up calling me back within 15 minutes of receiving the information, impressive in today’s day and age, and I spent the next half hour on the phone talking with one of the reps. They made an appointment for an appraiser to come by and survey the damages. So I waited for them to come by, and dreaded having to hear another high quote that I couldn’t pay. And so far their service had impressed me enough that I really hoped I got to see more of their work.

The contractor came out the day of the appointment, and was even a little early, but not early enough that I was caught unaware. They spent a good forty minutes looking through every little bit of damage, and then came the moment of truth, as we sat at my kitchen table and I prepared myself for the worst. And his quote, came under budget! I asked him why it was so much lower, and he gave all the reasons, including skipping out on the unnecessary work that bloats the costs. I was super impressed and booked their services that day.

It has been a week, and they have just finished their work today, and I have to say, it looks amazing. If you’re in the area and need work done, I can’t recommend this company enough. Not only affordable, but the workmanship was top notch, and now I can finally get to opening that package, and hopefully my next entry will be all cell phone review.

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