A Smart Phone

I’m an individual who has always had a love for technology. It began as a kid, with watching movies that had robots and fancy computers in them, and soon expanded to taking apart the family toaster because I was curious as to how it worked. Cell phone have always held a fascination for me though. Since I got my first one, and wondered how this little box with no wires or connectivity of any sort managed to work. Needless to say, my first cell phone lasted about a week until I took it apart, trying to figure out the sorcery that drove it.

I, of course, went to school for engineering, and since that point have put my focus into the cell phone market. I work with some companies helping to drive new ideas forward, and bring even more utility out of them. In my spare time, I like to check out all of the latest phones to find the new innovations on the market, and what new features are being brought to the consumer. In turn, I make review videos, write review blogs, and try to make some sense to the layman about all of the engineering that goes into these new ideas.

I’m hoping that this blog will be able to bring you information not only on the newest cell phone offerings, but also as to myself as a person. I like sharing information with people, whether it be about engineering, this engineer, or any other interest that comes to my mind. I have a wide array of interests, and love having a place that mutually minded people can congregate and bring those ideas together. So this location, I felt was perfect to be able to bring those interests together, and to provide a safe place to expand upon ideas and innovation. I will be looking over some of the latest phone trends, and other situations that come about in order to make this a combination of blog and journal.

For those who find their interest piqued, I hope you find something worth following here, and that I can hear form you in return about topics or items that you would like expanded upon, or simply to come and enjoy the read as the days go by. No matter your interest, if it’s tech, phone or geek related, I’m sure that there will be information that will wind up on this blog that will be right for you.

In the meantime, I wold like to thank you for stopping by to at least check out the introduction to this endeavor, and I hope that as time goes by you find yourself joining me along this literary journey through interests. As I update the next section of this blog I will try to find something that’s a little more focused in order to have a steady information stream as I go along, as I seem to be bouncing across topics right now, which may be a little harder to follow.

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